Santa Rosa’s Test Automation Solution delivers sustainable, end-to-end relief from the headaches and risks of manual testing while increasing test capacity, scope and reliability for EHR and ERP implementations and upgrades.

Leverage our national library of automated test scripts and assure your workflows serve you, not the other way around. Santa Rosa helps alleviate the tough decisions that keep CIOs and CMIOs up at night wondering how they can use limited resources to utilize manual testing for each EHR and ERP project. These questions include:

  • What will be tested (and what must be ignored)?
  • How often can we test (what is enough or too little)?
  • What should we test in the ecosystem outside of our EHR?

Santa Rosa’s first of its kind, end-to-end Test Automation Solution is the answer for traditional manual testing that no longer meets the demands of complex EHR and ERP implementations, pace of recurring upgrades, and an expanding technology eco-system. You can no longer afford the risks and detrimental impacts of trimming testing scope and frequency due to inadequate capacity and resources. Discover the tangible advantages that Test Automation delivers while positioning your healthcare organization to have far greater confidence in, and satisfaction with, new systems.

Santa Rosa’s next generation testing dramatically improve your testing program capabilities and impacts given increasingly frequent vendor upgrades and IT ecosystems.



Test Automation is a game-changer for implementations and upgrades of major IT systems such as EHRs and ERPs. The days of making difficult and risky decisions on testing are over. Santa Rosa’s Test Automation Solution quickly delivers powerful and tangible results, including these Next Generation Testing benefits throughout the enterprise:

  • Greater Testing Capacity, Scope, Reliability and Frequency
  • Remarkably Lower Costs
  • Higher SME and Testing Team Morale
  • Improved Stakeholder Adoption

In addition, healthcare organizations are realizing that Test Automation is further improving their technical capabilities and operational efficiency in ways that include:

Dramatic Risk Reduction
  • Revenue Cycle Integrity
  • Patient Safety
  • Clinical Patient Care
  • Operational Processes
Additional "Hidden" Benefits
  • Education & Training
  • EHR Optimizations
  • Data Quality Improvement


Santa Rosa’s Test Automation as a Service

Our full service, end-to-end program couples advanced test technology with certified resources who understand your ecosystem – purposefully devised in close partnership with your internal testing team to yield lasting value over time.

Only Santa Rosa can establish an entire Test Automation process and script library that covers about 80% of your common test scenarios IN ONLY TWO-THREE MONTHS! See tangible ROI almost immediately with Test Automation as a Service.