Santa Rosa’s Test Automation Solution delivers sustainable, end-to-end relief from the headaches and risks of manual testing while increasing test capacity and scope and reliability for EHR and ERP implementations and upgrades. We can help you to leverage a national library of automated test scripts that assure your workflows serve you, not the other way around.

Simply put, we alleviate the tough decisions that must be made with manual testing for each EHR and ERP project, most that keep CIOs and CMIOs up at night, and are often based on limited resource availability, such as:

  • What will be tested (and what must be ignored)?
  • How often can we test (what is enough or too little)?
  • What should we test in the ecosystem outside of our EHR?

The time is now for Santa Rosa’s Test Automation Solution. Traditional manual testing can no longer keep pace with the demands of complex EHR and ERP implementations, pace of recurring upgrades, and an expanding technology eco-system. Healthcare organizations can no longer afford the risks and detrimental impacts of trimming testing scope and frequency due to inadequate capacity and resources. Santa Rosa is attacking this challenge by offering a first of its kind results-driven end-to-end test automation solution.

When you couple a properly structured and governed test automation program with effective tools and deep expertise, healthcare organizations can reap significant and sustainable primary benefits that go beyond streamlining and strengthening the testing processes, thereby delivering tangible advantages for an improved EHR and ERP end user experience. Once established Santa Rosa’s Test Automation Solution also delivers powerful ‘hidden’ benefits to all corners of the organization.

Test Automation is a true game-changer for implementations and upgrades of major IT systems such as EHRs and ERPs. The days of making difficult and risky decisions on testing are over. Test automation delivers tangible advantages while positioning a healthcare organization to have far greater confidence in, and satisfaction with, new systems – and our proven methodology is showing results for clients across the country. Santa Rosa’s Test Automation Solution quickly delivers powerful and tangible results, including:

Greater Test Accuracy/Quality
Expanded Scope and Test Capacity
Reduced Time and Effort
Cost Savings and ROI
Decreased Financial and Clinical Risk
Higher Satisfaction and Adoption
Sustainable Value and Benefits