You have read the stories. Maybe you have even experienced one and lived to tell the tale — failed IT transitions are industry headlines almost weekly. The impact on revenue cycles is devastating and has led to fiscal crises, widespread reductions in force, and management terminations. The less publicized “hidden” headlines, however, are just as disturbing when clinical effectiveness and patient safety are compromised during and sometimes after a new IT go-live. Obviously these transitions are disruptive and when management, staff and physicians are overwhelmed…bad things can happen.

Santa Rosa’s Transition Management Program (TMP) establishes a proactive and rigorous monitoring and rapid intervention program throughout the challenges of any major IT transition. The TMP keeps its finger on the pulse of performance and reacts the instant results first begin to falter, not weeks or months later when the damage is already done. The program effectively mitigates predictable risks and minimizes downside performance impacts of unforeseen issues and unavoidable risks. Furthermore, a post go-live phase can be aimed squarely at staff and physician adoption of the new IT platform and products, thereby enhancing benefits realization and user satisfaction.

Santa Rosa’s TMP is the best insurance your organization can have during an IT transition.



Santa Rosa’s TMP offers peace of mind through the sustainment of mission- critical results, and even improvement in:

  •  Revenue Cycle and HIM Results
  •  Clinical Effectiveness and Patient Safety
  •  Surgical Volumes and ED Diversions
  •  Service Utilization and Consumption Rates
  •  Lengths of Stay and Observation Hours
  •  Physician Adoption and Satisfaction



Santa Rosa’s TMP is a metrics- and process-driven service in two stages:

1. PERFORMANCE PROTECTION: Safeguard your organization’s mission-critical results throughout any major IT transition before and during transition.

Key to the early, pre go-live stage of Santa Rosa’s TMP is the creation of cause-and- effect hierarchies that identify the mission-critical results to be safeguarded. Risks are identified while proactive avoidance and mitigation actions are prescribed. We then work with your organization during and beyond go-live to thoroughly monitor the transition, and intervene before issues take shape.


2. BENEFITS REALIZATION: Maximize physician and clinician usage and adoption following the transition.

During most major IT transitions, users at all levels are stretched thin – thus making initial “success” fall short of optimal adoption, maximum improvements, strong satisfaction, and fine-tuned workflows. Through at-the-elbow coaching, build re-configuration, process improvement and layered training, Santa Rosa helps you to alleviate frustrations, correct bad habits, and better attain intended ROI.