Berkshire Health Systems

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The Client

Berkshire Health Systems is the region’s leading provider of comprehensive healthcare services. With award-winning programs, nationally-recognized physicians, world-class technology, and a sincere commitment to the community, BHS is delivering the kind of advanced healthcare most commonly found in large metropolitan centers.

A private, not-for-profit organization, BHS serves the region through a network of affiliates which include Berkshire Medical Center, the BMC Hillcrest Campus, Fairview Hospital, Berkshire Visiting Nurse Association, BHS physician practices, and long-term care associates of Berkshire Healthcare Systems. Each of these facilities is distinguished by the high quality of their programs and services, and by the credentials, skill and compassion of their physicians, nurses and caregivers.

The Need

In 2018, Berkshire Health Systems (BHS) faced two challenges with its electronic health record (EHR):

1. Its inpatient MEDITECH system had become outdated and required an upgrade; and

2. Its ambulatory system needed to move to the inpatient platform to achieve a longitudinal patient record.

Given its community recognition and accolades for patient safety and clinical excellence, the health system needed a solution that would allow it to continue delivering high-quality, patient-centered care across the continuum. Additionally, industry demand for interoperability and patient expectations for data access made these changes especially important.

BHS partnered with Santa Rosa to lead the EHR vendor selection process and an 18-month, end-to-end implementation project.

The Solution

Beginning in March 2019, Santa Rosa helped BHS identify the best EHR solution for its needs, which included evaluating MEDITECH against another large vendor. This evaluation considered factors such as cost, timeline, features, and compatibility. Ultimately, BHS chose MEDITECH and decided to proceed with upgrading its inpatient system and migrating its ambulatory system.

Santa Rosa worked with the health system to create an overall project budget and staffing plan and then deployed a cross-functional team and project manager to lead the implementation. The migration kicked off in September and the MEDITECH system went live across inpatient and ambulatory settings on February 1, 2020.

Due to staff utilization restrictions at BHS, Santa Rosa adjusted its implementation methodology and tailored a work plan to meet the health system’s unique requirements. The approach worked well and allowed the project team to maximize the skills of the available staff at each phase.

The end-to-end project included two hospitals, the BMC Cancer Center on the Hillcrest Campus, the Crane Center for Day Surgery, Berkshire Health North, and 50 ambulatory clinics covering more than 200 physicians.

The Results

BHS and Santa Rosa’s efforts culminated in the largest and one of the most successful activation projects in MEDITECH history. The project was completed on time and on budget, and included:

  • 20+ Data Conversions
  • 30,000 Activation Hours
  • 65,000 Project Hours
  • 450+ Total Project Resources

The size and success of the MEDITECH implementation has positioned BHS as a leader and role model for EHR implementation in western Massachusetts. Berkshire CIO, Bill Young stated:

“The MEDITECH implementation has changed the way our inpatient and ambulatory facilities work with each other and has allowed us to deliver comprehensive care across all settings. Partnering with Santa Rosa not only helped us complete the end-to-end implementation on time and on budget, but also set us up for long-term success using the system to improve patient care and streamline operations. As a key part of the Go-Live phase, Santa Rosa provided 217 turnkey Conversion/Transformation Associates, including Leads and Operations Managers, which greatly helped to increase our user adoption.”


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