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The Client

AtlantiCare Health System is an integrated system of services designed to help people achieve optimal health. AtlantiCare is Southeastern New Jersey’s largest healthcare organization and largest non-casino employer, with more than 5,170 employees and 600 physicians in nearly 70 locations. It includes AtlantiCare Health Engagement, The AtlantiCare Foundation, AtlantiCare Health Services, and AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center, a 567-bed teaching hospital with campuses in Atlantic City and Pomona.

The Need

Christopher A. Scanzera, VP & CIO at AtlantiCare Health System, recognized that enterprise demands on the BI&A program would only continue to escalate as the health system pursued innovative strategic directions while expanding its ACO’s at-risk portfolio. Major imperatives centering on population health management, value-based payments, operating effectiveness, quality and safety improvement, and more necessitated a stronger, more robust BI&A program. New metrics and analytics were essential to monitoring the health and progress of the enterprise.

The BI&A program that supported the organization up to that point would not be able to do so going forward. He recognized that emerging issues – such as the lack of single sources of truth, repeated calls for a new visualization technology, and the growing proliferation of departmental BI&A tools — were merely symptoms of the need for a strengthened BI&A foundation that would be able to meet the strategic challenges at hand.

The Solution

In collaboration with Santa Rosa, AtlantiCare launched a focused yet rigorous assessment and planning initiative aimed at identifying the actions with the most potential for enterprise-wide improvement. The initiative leveraged and refreshed work that previously had been to narrow scope and focus to areas in greatest need of attention. As such, the mindset driving the program review was to realize quick wins as soon as possible from kick-off.

Mr. Christopher A. Scanzera, VP & CIO of AtlantiCare, in collaboration with Santa Rosa Consulting, conducted a comprehensive initiative deep into all six critical aspects of a rock solid BI&A foundation. To this end, we identified over sixty (6􀟿) key stakeholders in areas throughout the enterprise — representing ACO, clinical, financial, operational and IT areas — for explorations into their needs. These discussions were carefully structured into three parts: current needs met, current needs not met, and anticipated needs. In addition, each area’s top ‘wish list’ items were gathered along with any DIY BI&A tools and practices that had taken root within the area.

This review of stakeholders’ needs generated vital, candid input from across all areas of the enterprise. In turn, that valuable input established clear priorities for BI&A program improvement across both non-technology and technology lines – all aligned with Santa Rosa’s BI&A Program Maturity Model. Perhaps most importantly, the needs assessment ensured broad clinical and business owner engagement and ownership in the effort to strengthen AtlantiCare’s BI&A program foundation.

The joint AtlantiCare/Santa Rosa team reviewed all other critical aspects of BI&A program success. The level of effort invested in each aspect matched leadership’s thoughts on the current state with the focus still riveted on quick wins. Critical aspects considered include:

  • Program Governance & Integrity
  • Demand Management & Prioritization
  • Solution Development & Sustainment
  • BI&A Leadership & Organization
  • Technology & Infrastructure
  • Implementation Planning

Mr. Scanzera also recognized that successful implementation of the key recommendations to strengthen AtlantiCare’s BI&A program foundation depended upon building solid early traction through wins. As such, a clear set of 120-day activities was defined in detail, and an owner and completion dates assigned to foster accountability. Weekly status meetings of BI&A, clinical and business leaders help keep the implementation on track and the level of enterprise-wide engagement and ownership high.

Key findings, insights and recommendations were established across aspects consistent with a philosophy based on quick wins and continuous learning. Today, the vast majority of recommendations – very few of which center on technology — are being implemented actively with minimal incremental investments or added personnel.

The Results

Today, Mr. Scanzera, in conjunction with the organization’s quality, finance, and population health senior executives, leads the execution of the roadmap. They do so with Santa Rosa’s continued assistance, paying special attention to shared learning and adoption of ‘best practices’ throughout the process, celebration of realized wins, and adaptation of the roadmap and the rolling horizon 120-day plan as required by evolving priorities and events.

Strengthening all critical aspects of a BI&A program foundation improved clinical and business leader ownership and satisfaction, increased the tangible value and ROI of BI&A solutions, enhanced nimbleness in discovering and responding to changing priorities and emerging opportunities, better supported the migration to value-based care, and generally positioned the organization for greater success in the years ahead.

AtlantiCare is now reaping the benefits of a highly impactful and nimble BI&A program because they saw beyond the noisy symptoms of problems and addressed the underlying root causes of a flawed foundation for success — resulting in significant and sustainable improvements.