For over a decade, Santa Rosa has been helping diverse healthcare organizations meet their dynamic and often unpredictable staffing challenges. Our solution provides top talent to many of the nation’s largest healthcare providers,  community hospitals and physician groups.

Santa Rosa provides access to experienced and proven professionals that possess the depth of knowledge and domain skill to hit the ground running, thereby mitigating the risk of project slippage and/or getting projects back on track quickly. Whether the need is mainstream or a ‘purple squirrel,’ Santa Rosa’s On-Demand Resourcing Services is a one-stop partner for healthcare providers.

Since healthcare is all we do, we know the important nuances and specific requirements of the relevant technologies and the resources you need. We understand not only skillsets required but also the mindset as we assess how a candidate will fit into your unique culture and environment to be optimally successful. Our On-Demand Resourcing Services recruiting team is second to none! Our talent acquisition team leverages our tools and processes to quickly and reliably find the right resource, at the right price, for almost any role.

Shortest Cycle Time to Hire
Five Star Quality Resources
Rapid Resource Deployment
Flexible Client Relationships