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Santa Rosa Consulting, Inc., a healthcare information technology (IT) solutions and services company, announces the launch of a new strategic advisory service focused on safeguarding vital performance results throughout any major IT transition. Santa Rosa’s Transition Management Office (TMO) is rigorous, proactive “performance protection” designed to avoid the degradation mission-critical results that too often occur during the commotion and distraction of a major IT conversion, upgrade or implementation.

“We’ve all seen the unfortunate headlines where organizations engaged in major IT transitions realized key results were degrading only after big damage already was done. While most of those headlines center on revenue cycle, the same consequences can be suffered in quality, safety, service and satisfaction,” explains Bill Leander, chief strategy officer at Santa Rosa Consulting. “It’s not a matter of management ability. It is a matter of focus. Managers at all levels are overwhelmed with the additional work demanded by the transition and, therefore, can be spread too thin to catch the early warning signs that key results are declining.

Santa Rosa’s TMO provides the added focus needed to catch those signs and nip problems in the bud before they take root.” Santa Rosa’s TMO specialists work with clients to identify the top mission-critical results to be protected based on specifics of the IT transition, the organization’s unique environment, competitive landscape, and more. Those lagging results are expanded to the significant underlying leading indicators, or early warning stressors, that may suggest a problem. Statistical baselines are established for each stressor before the transition begins, and they are rigorously monitored throughout the transition (and for a period beyond). Disciplined escalation and intervention plans are created and followed as necessary.

“At its core, Santa Rosa’s TMO team focuses 100% on safeguarding our customers’ key results, and rapidly intervening when and where necessary, in order to give management the peace of mind to devote the required time and energy to the IT transition,” adds Mr. Leander. “In addition, organizations can bundle project management, change management and adoption services into the TMO charter as well.”

“Santa Rosa’s TMO is the best performance insurance a healthcare organization can buy when engaging in any major IT transition. For a tiny fraction of the cost of the IT transition, we help our customers come out the other side in as good a shape as they went in – and help keep them out of the headlines,” states Mr. Leander.

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