How to Measure the True Success of a MEDITECH Expanse Implementation

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At the conclusion of any IT implementation, healthcare organizations need to determine the success of the project and the overall value of the new system. This goes beyond simply identifying if the project was delivered “on-time and on-budget,” as a well-managed project does not guarantee adoption, ROI, or tangible business or clinical benefits. Excellent results will only be achieved by using a structured approach to project management and addressing a broad set of success criteria in all aspects of the implementation process.

This is particularly important for a MEDITECH Expanse implementation project, which impacts all areas of an organization. Consider these tips as you measure the success of your MEDITECH Expanseimplementation.

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Use a Structured Project Management Approach

Best practices and standard content are critical components of a structured project management approach. These can be used to set project expectations, identify areas of improvement, and encourage change where necessary. Part of this change management includes engaging, training, and supporting all users before, during and after the go-live to foster adoption. Additionally, you will want to maintain a timeline and devote attention to the project scope from the beginning, so you can ensure appropriate human and financial resources are available.

Address a Broad Set of Success Criteria

By defining, monitoring, and evaluating a broad set of success criteria for your MEDITECH Expanse implementation, you’ll be able to more closely measure the project’s effectiveness. Santa Rosa Consulting takes into consideration the following criteria for every MEDITECH Expanse project:

  • Adherence to scope, budget, and resource allocation
  • Governance with management involvement and commitment
  • Strong project management to meet milestone dates
  • Communication plan for stakeholders and constituents
  • Collaborative team approach for decision-making
  • Physician engagement and adoption
  • Comprehensive testing strategy with test automation
  • Training and education with eLearning
  • Analytics migration plan with data quality improvement
  • At-the-elbow activation support for adoption
  • Post-go-live optimization

In addition to incorporating these success criteria into your implementation process, you’ll want to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) at the beginning of the project that support your business goals and can serve as the basis for decision-making. These KPIs should help answer the question: “Did the project deliver value to the organization?”

We recommend the following KPIs for your MEDITECH Expanse project:

  • Patient safety
  • Physician engagement
  • Revenue integrity: charge capture
  • Revenue integrity: A/R days

With these KPIs as the foundation for your project, you’ll be able to more clearly assess if overall business goals are met. Be sure to combine these with key operations metrics that you can monitor post-go-live to identify any areas that need correcting.

Start Measuring Success Today

At Santa Rosa Consulting, we don’t just set you up with an IT system and leave. We are dedicated to helping you measure project results, so you can determine the value of MEDITECH Expanse for your organization. And we have a track record of 100% success in implementing these systems.

Learn more by downloading our white paper: “MEDITECH Expanse:  How Do You Measure True Success?”

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