AtlantiCare Health System selects Santa Rosa to strengthen Business Intelligence & Analytics Program

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Santa Rosa Consulting, Inc. was selected by AtlantiCare, a NJ-based member of Geisinger Heath System, to strengthen the benefits and strategic value of the health system’s enterprise business intelligence and analytics (BIA) program. AtlantiCare’s pursuit of innovative strategic directions is increasing enterprise demands on its BIA program. Major imperatives centering on population health management, value-based payments, operating effectiveness, quality and safety improvement, and more, required a stronger, more robust BIA program to be successful.

“We need to develop this capability as a core competency and strategic differentiator for AtlantiCare to move our organization from ad hoc or opportunistic users of traditional analytics to strategic and transformative consumers of data-driven intelligence” explains Christopher A. Scanzera, VP & Chief Information Officer at AtlantiCare. “Our organization looks to BIA to be both a supporter and driver of business and clinical decision-making.”

Santa Rosa’s proven approach to strengthening a healthcare provider’s BIA program starts with a comprehensive assessment of all critical aspects of a rock-solid foundation for lasting success, not only technology. These findings and insights cut through the noisy symptoms of inadequate BIA program performance to directly address the underlying root causes, thereby improving the program for the near and long term. A copy of Santa Rosa’s whitepaper with case study describing AtlantiCare’s situation and Santa Rosa’s approach is available here.

“The reasons so many healthcare providers’ BIA programs fail to deliver required benefits are generally more about processes and roles than technology. Improving the positive impacts of a BIA program must start with building a stronger underlying foundation for success,” states Bill Leander, Santa Rosa’s Chief Strategy Officer. “Without a focus on root causes, organizations tend to play ‘whack-a-mole’ with the persistent symptoms of an inadequate BIA program foundation, such as persistent user frustration, preponderance of Do-It-Yourself tools, lack of single sources of truth, and recurring calls to ‘upgrade’ technology. Santa Rosa’s approach delves beneath these symptoms to create the sustainable improvements needed to support the organization’s strategic priorities.”

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