Addressing COVID-19: Santa Rosa Offers Support

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As COVID-19 continues to advance, the landscape in which we live and work is changing daily, and our healthcare communities are facing unprecedented challenges. How we collectively navigate the unknown and serve our customers in support of patient care, anticipated and unanticipated needs, and community outreach is paramount to the team here at Santa Rosa Consulting.

Above all else, our family at Santa Rosa would like to extend our heartfelt thoughts and well wishes to those that have been affected by this pandemic either directly or indirectly. We have spoken with many of our clients and have heard emotional and inspiring accounts of selfless actions of many healthcare workers, cooperation and collaboration, and an unyielding wave of compassion.

These past few days have been instructive. There have been many candid discussions with our clients around concerns, obstacles, and a sense of preparedness for what is known and unknown to come these next days and months, and beyond. For some, it means the status quo, while for others, it has meant a re-evaluation of the timing of major initiatives, immediate resource needs, knowledge share, and strategizing.

Several customers have reached out to us to identify ways we could assist during this critical time. Because of this, we felt it important to share a summary of common areas of focus for many of our customers and how Santa Rosa is helping at various levels. The following informational table describes situationally relevant services that Santa Rosa offers to assist your organization.

How we can help you now in anticipation of the future:

If, at any point in time, you would like to discuss these or any other potential needs/concerns, we are here when you are ready. We want to be part of your solution. Contact us immediately for assistance in shouldering this load.

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