5 Reasons Why You Need an Independent Partner for MEDITECH Projects

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MEDITECH Expanse is an industry-leading, web-based platform, which gives a whole patient view, with customizable layouts and widgets to provide maximum user satisfaction.  With MEDITECH Expanse, a single, fully interoperable system bridges the gaps in care and effectively treats the whole patient, covering acute, ambulatory and home care.

To achieve the maximum value and return when implementing Expanse, clients should consider partnering with an independent firm who brings contrasting views and experience to the table. Santa Rosa is an industry leader who has successfully assisted many organizations over the years achieve the full value of their MEDITECH investment.

Here are FIVE major reasons why you need an independent partner for your MEDITECH projects:


1. Market & Industry Experience, Insight and Value

The market and industry have changed drastically over the past 50 years.  Many vendors have come into the market and are now gone from sight.  The top vendors remaining in the healthcare systems industry all possess strong principles and philosophies which have allowed them to achieve and maintain their position.  An independent partner who has experience working closely with top vendors brings extensive knowledge of the competition and the various techniques to sell, implement and maintain customer relationships.

Value is gained by knowing what is working well in the industry but even more so, by what is not being realized in the implementation and use of systems.   With knowledge of other vendors as well as not being tied to one specific vendor, your partner is able to advise and recommend solutions that meet your needs, not just what works best for the vendor.


2. Focus on Meeting Client Needs

You don’t want to be treated with a “one size fits all” approach.  Needs are best met when you take the time to understand unique environments and how the current use of the system has evolved over the years.  A focus on re-engineering and improving processes sparks ideas and creates a culture of positive change.  Real-life operations experience working in similar organizations helps to make the system work for you rather than having you work for the system.


3. Importance of Budgeting

Meditech expanseWell-funded projects create opportunities for successful outcomes.  There is nothing more discouraging than running out of money before the project ends or having to cut corners due to lack of funding.  Many times, this can be traced back to not having a comprehensive or realistic view or understanding of the project and related dependencies and requirements.

A well planned and properly estimated budget can be established by working with a partner who has first-hand knowledge of budget considerations and project requirements.  We believe it is important to educate you up front about what is needed, rather than waiting until later in the project like some firms may do.


4. Project Resources – Staffing

Your best and brightest people will make the MEDITECH project a success.  The problem is that your best and brightest people are working on other priorities and may be overextended already with current responsibilities.  Project staffing is one of the key success criteria.  You need a firm who can help you interpret the project staffing guidelines with examples of what has worked in other organizations to get the best mix of department staff, IT and management.

An independent partner will recommend creative solutions to achieve results which may not be evident to others who are following prescribed guidelines.  Key roles and responsibilities are also critical to monitor during the project to keep the timeline and budget on track.



An independent partner with extensive experience in project methodology provides the foundation for project success.  Strong project management principles will organize and manage resources to successfully complete the project on time and within budget.  The focus is on the project and our client’s success, rather than the components of the system.


Project success is tied to strong governance and leadership.  The MEDITECH Expanse system is an opportunity for clinical and financial transformation across the organization.  Many opportunities exist for resolving current issues as well as implementing new features and functionality.  Best practice adoption will lead to improved efficiency. Strong user adoption is the focus along with user satisfaction.

Santa Rosa is an industry leader who has successfully assisted many organizations over the years achieve the full value of their MEDITECH investment.  We have engaged 80+ successful MEDITECH conversions and implementations. Learn more about our MEDITECH expertise.

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