From Promise to Reality: The Four Proven Keys to EHR Go-Live Activation Success

Tuesday, August 14th at 1:00 Pm Eastern

Big promises must accompany every EHR transition – otherwise, why even start?  And while all projects begin with hopes of positive improvements for your patients and organization, few realize that it is the vital weeks of EHR go-live activation that will make or break the entire project. Don’t view go-live activation as a commodity. With this webinar,  see it as the game-changing front line in satisfaction and adoption.

During this webinar, leaders from Santa Rosa and Southern Illinois Healthcare will share key lessons learned from many hundreds of diverse activations, including new insights into the four keys of go-live success for any size project.

Topics Include: 

  • Due diligence against fraud protection
  • The importance of contingency resources
  • Helpful resources including scheduling tools
  • Evaluation and screening protocols
  • How to set up for adoption, not simply utilization
  • Benefits of a Program versus Project approach

Receive valuable lessons, insights, and free calculator tool to better serve your stakeholders and deliver on the new system’s promise to patients, staff and physicians.