Santa Rosa’s broad set of IS Management Partnership solutions, combined with our in-depth expertise, will help you establish the right path forward to maximize IT success. We do this by identifying opportunities to improve performance through optimizing and allocating resources, growing and sustaining your IT workforce, aligning governance and planning, identifying the best systems for your needs, and delivering IT management knowledge when it’s needed most. Our process has delivered proven results in complex environments for customers throughout the country.

CIO Business Vision Diagnostic

Illuminate your organization’s demand and expectations while measuring IT’s capability to meet them in order to find the most direct path to high performance, maturity and stakeholder satisfaction.

Operations Assessment

Compare your organization to industry-accepted best practice to find key, actionable, high-leverage opportunities for near-term performance gains.

Staffing Assessment & Organizational Design

Put your resources where they are needed most though our industry-proven benchmarking tool to empowers your IT leadership evaluate major capabilities across key functional areas and perfectly optimize resources.

Workforce Development

Enable your workforce to work smart. Our Workforce Development program employs ‘best practices’ knowledge and skills to help your IT workforce be the very best it can be.

Governance & Strategic Planning

Strategic planning without highly effective IT governance equals ineffectiveness. Align the two and you position your organization to consistently achieve strategic business objectives.

Interim Management

Get IT management support and knowledge when it’s needed with the flexibility you need: Just-in-time availability, high qualifications, relevant experience, objectivity and knowledge transfer.

Vendor Relationships

Effectively manage key vendors to increase benefits and navigate with confidence even the most complex vendor services.