The right resource, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time.


Implementing a new EMR is among the largest undertaking in terms of effort and expenditure that most organizations will tackle. Years of effort and millions of dollars culminate with a go-live that can be viewed as a wild success or spectacular failure, thereby setting the clinical and financial organizational direction for years to come. Even minor issues during go-live can negatively impact satisfaction and adoption by your clinicians and physicians at this most critical time.

Santa Rosa Consulting can bring you peace of mind with our nationally acclaimed E2E (Elbow to Elbow) Activation Services®. Forged through some of the largest go-lives in the nation, and refined through hundreds of go-lives across all major EMRs, our turn-key activation services and veteran team of associates help reduce the risk and stress of activation (whether big bang or phased) and lead to greater system usage, adoption and satisfaction.

We offer the most robust activation services available today to give you the single side-by-side partner that you need during this crucial transition. Our core set of E2E Activation Services® can be enhanced by Santa Rosa’s suite of additional high value services to further promote a smooth, healthy transition and the best possible outcome for your organization. No one else in the industry has the depth and breadth of hard-earned experience to put this powerful array of services at your disposal.


Why Santa Rosa?

Unparalleled Experience

Experience Where It Matters Most

No matter the size of your organization, or the scope and complexity of the project, Santa Rosa has demonstrated success in the largest and most challenging go-lives in the nation. We’ve actively helped our clients achieve successful, positive go-lives through the disruption of hurricanes (NYU), the complexities of simultaneous activations across multiple states (PRIME), despite the challenges of huge local or regional events such as the world’s largest rodeo (MDACC), and for the single largest go-live in the nation requiring a Santa Rosa team of over 1,200 professionals spread across 15 sites and 127 distinct activation zones.

Our clients are highly diverse, and that diversity has honed our ability to quickly integrate into your unique environment and culture – a critical success factor for any successful go-live. In fact, many of our clients have even remarked that their clinicians and physicians could not differentiate between Santa Rosa support and their internal client support throughout the time of go-live. That level of integration will make all the difference for your organization and users as well.

Santa Rosa’s vast E2E Activation Services® experience has earned us not only many repeat clients, but highly referenceable ones who can attest to the success of our team and our ability to become an invaluable extension of their own support team. Whatever your EMR or major IT transition. Whatever the size and span of your enterprise. Whatever the abilities and availability of your own internal resources. Santa Rosa has the unparalleled experience to help you achieve the greatest go-live success.

Exemplary Talent

The Right People

Go-live success begins and ends with the highest quality people working at-the-elbow with your own personnel. Sixty percent of our resources are clinical, and our team has an average go-live experience of 3+ years. Santa Rosa’s proprietary 5 Star Ranking Program gives us the most experienced and proven team of activation professionals in the business in terms of skill-set knowledge, professionalism, professionalism, reliability and responsiveness, and even attitude.  We only provide 100% 5-star talent, and each professional is re-evaluated using our 5 Star Ranking Program at the conclusion of every project to offer consistently superior talent.

Whatever the skill requirements for each specific facet of the project, whether that be credentialed training, scheduling conversion, or at-the-elbow (ATE) support, Santa Rosa provides the highest quality, most experienced E2E Activation Services® team in the industry. Most of our team has worked with us on multiple projects. We have thousands of pre-ranked people at the ready to tailor fit any project of any size.

And for those special situation where we do need to identify additional professionals, Santa Rosa employs our proprietary 5 Gate Recruiting Process to virtually eliminate any risks to your project given the rigor of the specific testing methods we employ. We validate for potential Certified Trainers the credentialed EMR modules as well as validate their classroom training experience and style during a Skype Screening. We test the EMR skills of new Scheduling Conversion Associates via Skype Screening conducted by our own Subject Matter Experts (SME). An SME also conducts a Skype Screening and an onsite EMR test to validate module specific skills for ATE professionals.


Proprietary Tools

The Right Place at the Right Time

Beyond our 5 Star Ranking Program and 5 Gate Recruiting Process, Santa Rosa’s proprietary, real-time, web-based, Activation Services Management Tool delivers complete, multi-functional coordination across every aspect of the project, including full support unit program management, in order to drive proven and successful outcomes. There are a million moving parts to any go-live project, and our proprietary tool helps coordinate and update them all as part of Santa Rosa’s turn-key E2E Activation Services®.

For example, the Scheduling module of our Activation Services Management Tool is customizable to provide multi-view personnel schedules by shift, day, zone/floor and site – overall, by skill set and by individual. The time clock data is integrated with payroll to provide dead-on accurate labor billing and comparisons of actual fees to budget/forecast.  Efficiently, effectively and dynamically managing so many resources demands an automated tool as powerful and customizable as this tool.

Furthermore, Santa Rosa utilizes our proprietary Text Based Communication Tool to address the inevitable challenges of resource change management from Day One through taper management. This tool enables us to rapidly adjust and relocate resources in real-time while making sure that any changes we make drive expected results by matching EMR skill requirements with Santa Rosa associate expertise. Using this valuable tool, our team leaders readily address day to day staffing issues, ticket status issues and any relevant information that needs to be communicated to the Santa Rosa and client leadership teams. The combination of our Activation Services Management Tool and our Text Based Communication Tool drive our resource management process.


Financial Rigor

On Time and On Budget

Santa Rosa’s E2E Activation Services® financial management gives you continual visibility into labor and expense rates, taper management, and more to inform decisions and provide for cost control throughout the entire project. Our approach is dedicated to producing accurate and timely reporting and billing to help keep the project not only on time, but on budget.

Santa Rosa reconciles actual time logged by each associate versus the budgeted schedule daily to provide a representative view of labor hours. Additionally, expenses are gathered on a weekly basis, audited and reported to our client. Any discrepancies are quickly reconciled before serving as input into our weekly burn rate meeting with the client’s leadership team. During this meeting, we review the prior week’s actual labor and expense versus budget, and forecast any changes to the schedule or expense for future weeks. We also utilize this meeting to discuss future staff tapers. This process and report has proven to be tremendously valuable to our clients.

Santa Rosa leverages data from the combined labor/expense audit processes to produce accurate bills at project conclusion. At the conclusion of the project and before final invoicing, a final burn rate report is published to document the end of project financial status. The objective of the reporting package is to ensure financial performance of the project before final invoicing.

Core Offerings

Certified Training
Passing knowledge to your team so in-house expertise grows.
Utility Team Assessment
Crossing T’s and dotting I’s well in advance so you can focus on vital needs.
Help Desk Integration
Knowledgeable experts guiding issues toward resolutions.
Go-Live Activation
Side-by-side with your team executing the plan with precision.
Follow-Up Support
Go-live isn’t the end, but the beginning.

Additional Services

Santa Rosa provides high-value services and resources to assist you in every step of the go-live journey, including additional services that many organizations find essential to overall success. These optional services are defined and delivered in tight harmony with our core E2E Activation Services® as described above. Clients can mix and match only the specific services that meet their needs and go furthest to offer the best possible outcomes.
Clinical Standardization
Reduce unnecessary clinical variation on the path toward improved care.
Transition/Change Management
Because mission critical functions must keep performing – no exceptions.
Clinical Help Desk
Augment your help desk to hear, escalate, and resolve issues quickly and effectively.
Legacy Support
Support users to provide a smooth transition from old to new
Optimization Services
Identify actionable opportunities for productivity improvement and efficiency gains.