Healthcare Business Intelligence that Delivers Meaningful Results


Regulatory pressures and performance demands require healthcare decision-makers to have the right picture of the horizon right now. The days of digging through report after report to unearth actionable information or managing in the rearview mirror with retrospective data are gone for good. A rock-solid Business Intelligence and Analytics (BI&A) program is a must. Santa Rosa’s comprehensive BI&A Program Assessment & Optimization service helps strengthen your program from the ground up.

Highly successful Healthcare BI&A programs offer these benefits:

  • Improved decision-making by leaders & change agents
  • Multi-level alignment around key priorities
  • Focus on the highest-leverage areas for advancement
  • Promotion of competitive advantages in the marketplace
  • And more

Unfortunately, many healthcare BI&A programs fall short of achieving these or other meaningful benefits because organizations chase the symptoms of an inadequate program rather than strengthening its very foundation. Some of the most common symptoms include:

  • Thinking the answer is always a “new technology”
  • Running in place trying to meet everyone’s needs
  • Lack of single sources of truth across the enterprise
  • Proliferation of do-it-yourself BI&A tools and products
  • Excessive delays and iterations to “get it right”
  • Divide between BI&A and business owners
  • Constant requests to “refresh” the technology



Santa Rosa’s tailored, practical, and proven process will solidify your BI&A program foundation, and offer an immediate ROI that will continue to grow over time. Whether your organization is new to BI&A or seeking to maximize existing investments, we are ready to help you construct a stronger foundation and empower all your decision-makers to create real value.

We bring a holistic perspective that informs each client engagement, whether it’s addressing a single defined need or spanning the entire BI&A lifecycle for end-to-end transformations. Santa Rosa offers strength in every step of the healthcare BI&A journey.

1. BI&A STRATEGY & PLANNING: Aligning your direction with dynamic goals and changing markets.

2. BI&A PROGRAM ASSESSMENT & OPTIMIZATION: Strengthening the foundation for improved benefits and impacts

3. BI&A TECHNOLOGY SELECTION: Evaluating and selecting the best BI&A technologies

4. BI&A MANAGEMENT & PERSONNEL: Providing top talent for interim and longer-term resources



Santa Rosa provides a deep understanding of the foundational aspects of a successful BI&A program. Our guidance carefully addresses and solidifies all critical aspects of a BI&A program and sets a proper and practical course for high performance.

Critical Aspects of a Successful BI&A Program


Business Intelligence Analytics Program Infographic